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Year Six

The Year Six class teacher is Ms Meertins and she is supported by Mrs Hayward and Mrs Read.

We expect a lot of our Year Six pupils.  We appoint a head boy and head girl and all children have important roles such as helping the younger children to line up smartly and preparing the hall and accompanying music for assemblies.  We expect our Year Six children to act as role models to the younger ones and conduct themselves around school with maturity and manners.

As it is the last year before high school we make sure that our children are ready for secondary school in their work.

We aim to instill in all children a positive attitude to reading.  In writing they will be taught how to write diaries and autobiographies and continue to write stories with more detailed characters and settings. 

In Year Six children are taught the full range of punctuation marks and the expectation is that all children should write legibly in a joined style to produce a neat hand for finished presented work.  In grammar children will learn how to write in paragraphs using complex sentences.  They will learn to write in different tenses using expanded noun phases and relative clauses.

In mathematics children will work with numbers up to ten million including negatives.  They will be taught to calculate formally including long division.  Children will learn about factors, primes and multiples.  Fractions, decimals and percentages will be taught including simple multiplication and division.  Ratio and proportion will be introduced.  In geometry and measure children will calculate area and volume and learn about shapes and angles.

In science all children will learn about micro-organisms, health and lifestyles and evolution.  They will learn about light and shadows and forces including gravity.  Children in Year Six also study electricity.

In history the changing power of monarchs and significant turning points in British history is taught along with natural disasters and a contrasting locality in the USA in geography.

Spanish is taught in Year Six.  Basic grammar is taught by engaging in conversation and describing people, places and things.

A very important part of our Year Six curriculum is called Life Skills.  This helps prepare our children for the outside and adult world.  Knowledge and skills in cooking, looking after a house, first aid, running personal finance and other life skills are taught.


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