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We are a successful and aspirational school where pupils from all backgrounds achieve strong results in a stimulating and safe environment.

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Year Three

The Year Three teacher is Mrs Pearce with Mrs Wilkins working as classroom support.

Year Three is the first year in Key Stage Two and we expect the children to be more independent in their learning.

In mathematics children will be expected to at least know their times tables to 8x12.  They will be taught place value to 100 and written column addition and subtraction.  They will use metric measures and perimeter and draw 2D and 3D shapes.  They will be taught to recognise, find and write fractions and interpret bar charts and pictograms.

In Year Three the children continue with handwriting practice for a short time twice a week and quiet reading three times a week.  There are two PE sessions per week, including one from the coaches at Chelsea Football Club.  In the Spring and Summer terms Year Three children will be taught swimming once a week.

In history we learn about the Stone Age to Iron Age times.  We do this by historical enquiry using a range of sources to find out about these times.

We investigate materials, magnets, healthy eating and how plants grow in Science.

The Lake District is investigated in geography and compared with Mitcham where we live.

We explore sculpture through working with clay in art and create an electric buzzer circuit construct rigid structures in design and technology.


Click here for the Year 3 Curriculum Map